Clagh Gheinnee

Created: 2021
Resolution: 8000 x 3667 px
Tools: GNU Image Manipulation Program
NFT edition size: 10

Download Wallpaper Image

I walk around the 1000 year old Viking castle near my home, made by my ancestors. I see sandstone blocks as large as a car, dragged by hand to make a fortress. The quartz and feldspar of the sandstone was forged thousands of miles beneath my feet, taking eons to reach the surface.

I go home and reflect. I have forged a memory of synapse and impulse. A facsimile of sandstone. I make an image of light, and it connects me to the castle and the sandstone and the centre of the earth. The light is made from excited electrons releasing their energy that was forged inside a star. Now it is information, ones and zeros.

Now those digits are in some other form, in some other place. Forked into your mind as an image. Now you are connected to the ones, the zeros, the electrons, the photons, the sun, my brain, my walk, the castle, the Vikings, the sandstone, the centre of the earth.

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About me

I’m a Manx artist, living on the Isle of Man – a beautiful island in the Irish Sea.

I’ve been creating art for many years. My work can be found hanging on walls in Manhattan, Tokyo, London, Abu Dhabi, Madrid and even at sea on a US Navy warship!

The title of my pieces are written in Manx Gaelic – the language of my island.

You deserve a break!

Take five minutes out of your day to stop and be mindful. Art is like a portal, it can transport your mind away from the relentless stress of everyday life and give you the space to experience something profound.

I invite you to stop everything- everything – just for five minutes. Stare at some art (and I mean really stare), and open up your mind to feeling and thinking whatever floats to the surface.

I’m always surprised at how powerful this can be. Finding art that really resonates with you, that speaks to you, is one of the most profound things a human mind can experience. It can lead to insights about yourself, life, and existence in general.

Go on, try it! And if you like, you can let me know what you experience.

Get in touch

Art is all about communication and I’d love to hear your thoughts on my work, or art in general – why not head over to Twitter and drop my a line? Or leave a comment below.