City Beyond the Veil

Dawn in the city of Baie, as seen from the chambers of Dohgi as she awakes. The heat is already beginning to build, and the silk veil keeps the cool air contained. There is promise and opportunity in the air today.

A fragment from the world of Spero


Artist: Matt Brown
Year: 2022
Collection: World of Spero

Creating this piece:
This piece was created over several days using a combination of media including Midjourney (an AI tool) and Photoshop. With a strong vision of what I wanted to achieve, I composed a long-form brief describing the elements and composition I was imagining. Then I went through a meticulous process of development and refining to reach a set of base images that I was satisfied with. Finally, I combined the elements of these base images into one piece using Photoshop and continued painting and processing the work until it embodied and feelings and ideas I wanted to express.