Welcome to my site! I’m Matt Brown and I’m an artist living in the Isle of Man – a beautiful island in the Irish Sea.

My Art

I’ve been creating art for over twenty years – for animation, graphic design, websites and games – but my main passion is for abstract digital art. My work can be found hanging on walls in Manhattan, Tokyo, London, Abu Dhabi, Madrid and even at sea on a US Navy warship!

I like to explore light, texture and complex forms that can draw the viewer in and give them an experience that is both alien and beautiful.

I use my artwork to explore inner worlds of the mind. What abstract art means to each of us is personal and unique, and in that sense it is a reflection of our own inner workings. The more we bring of ourselves to an abstract piece, the more we shall discover our intrinsic nature. Because of this, abstract art is a powerful tool for self-exploration.

For me, when I create art, I am trying to tap into the underlying complexities of existence and our place within it – the intricate recurring patterns that are echoed again and again, from the subatomic scale to the wider cosmos – from the smallest eddy in your mug of coffee, to the largest galaxy.

I name my works using the Manx language of my island – a form of Gaelic. It is an important part of my heritage. Moreover, I don’t wish to telegraph my own interpretation to the viewer. Whilst art is a bridge between two minds I feel it is important that the viewer is free to interpret it in their own way.

My Home

The Isle of Man is steeped in Viking and Celtic history and is something I feel deeply connected with. I live in a small fishing village with winding streets and a close-knit community. Through my window I can see a 1000 year old Viking castle, perched on the rocks and overlooking the sea. I climb the hill opposite and look out across the same steely waters that my ancestors kept watch over hundreds of years before me. The horizon is still filled with the same questions and sense of wonder, and often I use this to inspire me in my work.

My Family

I have a wonderful wife who is my best friend and I have two incredible, dynamic daughters. My girls keep my days busy and continually invite me to see the world afresh – as a place of possibility and adventure. Their smiles are my greatest achievement.

Beyond Art

Music is an important part of my life. I love to play my violin, whether in an orchestra, or with my wife or daughters. There are few things closer to magic in this world than music’s ability to induce emotion and uplift the soul.

I also love to think. Whereas art is my subjective exploration of the universe, I also love to explore quantum physics, relativity and models of the subatomic world in a more formal way too. Spending a few hours in deep, deep thought, trying to understand the nature of reality is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I guess it’s my own form of meditation.

We have an allotment, and spend many hard yet blissful hours sinking our hands into the dirt and trying to encourage food to grow.

We also like to explore the hills, valleys and beaches of our island. With every passing season our favourite haunts shift and change, and our sense of self becomes ever entwined with the land and sea and sky of this island home.