If you’d like to can purchase my latest works as NFTs you can view my available pieces over at my NFT Showroom gallery page.

To purchase an NFT you need to have the correct cryptocurrency. In this case, you need some “Hive”. But don’t worry, you can easily exchange your local currency into Hive tokens using a credit card at MoonPay.

Once you have purchased some Hive, you can then purchase NFT artwork from the NFT Showroom.

Once you purchase an NFT artwork it is yours, and a record of your ownership is indelibly recorded into the provenance of the piece. This means that, if you should choose to do so, you may sell your NFT on the secondary market.

Owning an NFT is very similar to owning an original painting. And there are many ways that you can display and view your NFT collection. When you purchase an NFT it is rather like purchasing a stake in an artist’s career. Therefore, if that artist continues to create high-quality work and builds their profile, your NFT will appreciate in value.

Ultimately, however, you should always purchase an NFT because you love the artwork and it brings you joy.